Managing pricing and behaviors

Pricing Behaviors

These are untapped levers in improving growth and margins. Many companies set prices and are often under pressure to lower pricing to compete, enter new products, and secure larger deals. 

Lacking the data, many front-line sales people believe lower pricing improves win-loss odds. This often results in a race to the lowest possible acceptable margin in many industries.

Margins & Win Rates

Capturing the actual margins and win rates by different factors, such as buyer type, can materially improve insights. Once these ratios are validated and calculated, they can be used to nudge users to change their pricing strategies in a given condition.

More critically, tracking the continuous changes in both customer and sales team behavior is now possible with the OnCorps pricing app.


Scenarios are power tools we provide to enable sales teams to calculate margins and the odds of success. Using scenario builds, sales teams can compare different components of pricing with external factors such as buyer role and economic climate.

Sales teams can build scenarios with Incognito settings to encourage more use. Moreover, sales teams can reuse better performing scenarios.