The adaptive decision analytics company.

OnCorps is the adaptive decision analytics company that intelligently engages users and nudges them to make better decisions. The OnCorps platform adapts to each user’s performance and decision style by applying a unique combination of behavioral science, machine learning and Sabermetrics, allowing users to see real-time diagnostics while building a personal decision diary.


Unique Features

Decision Diaries
Create sophisticated, personalized decision histories for each registered user. Diaries compare decisions with peers and prior decisions.
Smart Engagement
Present dynamic, intelligent decision diagnostics. New diagnostics can be created and edited rapidly, then sent to registered users.
Adaptive Nudging
Alert users with messages that adapt to performance changes and responses.

Use Cases

Sales Data
Apply machine learning and sabermetrics, tailored to your organization's data, to predict the odds of deals advancing.
Pricing Data
Gauge margins and pricing behaviors real-time with our customized mobile apps to increase sales and profitability.
Risk Data
Map decisions and actions with our risk and cybersecurity diagnostics to identify and decrease at risk behavior.

Right data, right time, right decisions.

Data is only useful if it changes behavior. At OnCorps, we don't just chart data, we create dynamic, personalized and relevant data. Data that's shared through nudges. Data that leads to smarter decisions. And ultimately, data that delivers better results.