Helping people make better decisions with behavioral economics and machine learning

This is Adaptive Decision Guidance

Make better sales decisions

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Learns optimal decisions

Clarifies data to enhance learning

Shows actions that worked for others

Urges action with nudges

OnCorps gives decision makers intelligent, personalized apps. It remembers their decisions and behaviors, compares them to peers, calculates their odds, and makes recommendations to improve performance and foster better habits.

Personalized nudging

Improve exception decisions

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Cut cycle times

OnCorps has proven its platform can develop custom configured apps in 1/10th the time of conventional projects. Our cloud platform applies advanced manufacturing techniques to re-use components and minimize coding. This allows us to create highly customized cloud software subscriptions.

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A premier team

OnCorps team members are alums from top-tier research universities and consultancies. Most hold advanced degrees in computer science, mathematics, economics, and statistics. Two members served as research assistants to Nobel Laureates. One was both a Marshall Scholar and National Science Graduate Fellow. Our scientific advisors are leading behavioral economists from Harvard, Yale and Oxford.

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