Track your decisions and their impact on performance
See how different choices boost your odds
See decisions that worked for others
Set goals and track your mastery scores
Track your team and add new apps to refocus


OnCorps taps your systems to give each user a decision tracking tool. Our platform applies machine learning and behavioral science algorithms, powered by the decisions of large curated groups, to recommend optimal choices and foster better habits. The world's leading financial services, technology and consulting firms use OnCorps to gain an analytic edge.

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OnCorps Scientific Advisor Makes Cover of Nature Magazine

Nicholas Christakis, leader of the Yale Institute of Network Science, conducted a series of experiments using teams of human players and robotic AI players. The inclusion of "bots" boosted the performance of human groups and the individual players, researchers found. The study appears in the May 18, 2017 edition of the journal Nature.

OnCorps Launches Research on Behaviors and Machine Learning

We have three goals in this research: 1) Improve individual sales performance with apps that automatically compare performance to higher performers, 2) Track engagement rates and train our machine learning engine to predict and adapt to higher engagement triggers, and 3) Seek to change awareness and behaviors to lower signal noise.